Exile Five

Jan 5, 2021 | Exile Blog | 0 comments

By the Waters of Babylon – Ps. 137:1

Here’s a quotation I came across. It speaks to us as we continue our exile in this most joyous of seasons. The quotation is by Frederick B. Speakman, and I have no idea who he is! But, I like what he says:

“Easter is no time for argument. Lilies don’t argue: they bloom. Springtime doesn’t argue: it comes. Music doesn’t argue: it sings. Love doesn’t argue: it outlives our griefs.”

As we celebrate this triumphant season of Easter together (well, not together except in spirit and happy thoughts!) we reflect on our blessings and on keeping control of our frustrations. Isolation gets old very quickly, and we long to be back together with those who are significant in our lives. In the light of the resurrection, we ask ourselves these timely questions:

  • Do I tend to blame someone else for what is wrong with my life?
  • Do I try to change other people rather than change my own attitudes and actions?
  • Am I willing to assume responsibility for the direction of my own life?
  • Do I live in the present moment, or are most of my thoughts about either the past or the future?
  • Do I confront the crises of life, or do I use other escapes (alcohol, drugs etc.) to avoid facing them?
  • Do I believe that whatever happens in my life, I will be given the ability to cope with it?

Some minor restrictions have been lifted, others remain. When we will be allowed to worship together again remains a mystery.

Keep the faith…keep the hope … and leave a light on for the stranger.